Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paprika Lab: MMORPG Meets Social Gaming

Paprika Lab is a social gaming company that wants to create a new genre of social gaming by bringing traditional MMORPG and social gaming together. Founder John Kim says the company's mantra is to "Democratize the Future" and the first goal to achieve that vision is to "democratize the social gaming experience."

Paprika's game, to be beta-launched on Facebook soon, will be "social MMORPG" -- think Final Fantasy meets Farmville, or the marriage between content-rich MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) and easy-to-try social games. Kim claims their game will be just as easy to play as other casual social games from the likes of Zynga and Playfish, but will feature far richer content, graphics, storyline and game mechanics. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, Paprika's "social MMORPG" will not require any software installation, meaning better accesibility to non-gamers.

Paprika's first game has already landed a publishing deal with a US (Silicon Valley) based social gaming company. The company was founded by John Kim in 2007. John worked at NCSoft, the leading online gaming company in Korea. John also had founded a Web consulting agency called EdgeThinker. In addition to John, Paprika has a roster of talented people with much experience in online game industry, from companies like Nexon, NHN, Daum, and GameHi.

Paprika Lab has 20 employees and has raised $1.2M in funding. The company has also been quite extensively covered (link in Korean) by the Korean media, Kim says.

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