Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Showstreet Is The New Way To Show Street Maps

Showstreet is a joint project between two companies in Korea and New Zeland (Rain.D and WebConcept, respectively.) Showstreet is a new way of displaying street maps on your browser: Showstreet incorporates maps, street views and databases of business information all into one package. On Showstreet, user can see street views of retail venues along one continuous image, representing the street in question; Those street views are displayed along with online map information.

The goal is to let users virtually visit a destination and browse all aspects of their destination through Showstreet before leaving, so that they can make the most out of their time. Retailers can also attract consumers by registering their business information into Showstreet’s database, including information like menus or specials. Showstreet also offers a panorama feature, which displays the full interior layout of premises. Showstreet hopes the service will change the way local businesses promote themselves. Industries that can make most use of Showstreet include shopping, tourism and real estate, the company says.

Of course when it comes to online mapping, the 800-lb gorilla is Google. Showstreet claims that "no one (including Google) is directly providing what Showstreet does in terms of the in store panography, and fish-hooks that can be set at that level. Also, Showstreet is driven from the ground up as a community based, parochial system, not decomposed from the top down as a global tool."

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